StepManiaX Official Website

STEPMANIAX – Fun and competitive step based Exergaming for Fitness, Education, E-Sports and Family Recreation Centers.

StepManiaX is the latest generation of step based Exergaming and Step Revolution’s highly anticipated return to the dance game industry. The software utilizes a dance pad that users step on, to the beat of music.
With notable past experience and key personnel originally involved with the core development of StepMania, In the Groove, Pump It Up Pro and ReRave; StepManiaX is expected to bring exciting innovation that is also user friendly.

When it comes to step detection, it is arguably one of the most important parts of a step based music game.  StepManiaX’s hardware took over 2 years of development and utilizes robust industrial design and traditional pressure sensors to create an intelligent input and LED based lighting system. This impressive combination provides indestructible hardware that is visually appealing and with ongoing calibration to always provide an optimum play experience, without the typical maintenance required by traditional systems.

swap-horizontalThe entire system is compact and reliable to help minimize maintenance and technical knowledge needed to withstand rigorous operation within demanding environments.
gesture-tapFor navigation, a large touchscreen helps provide the ultimate user experience that is easily manipulated by users of all generations.
smx_pad In addition to using familiar cardinal directions (Left, Down, Up, Right), StepManiaX utilizes an additional center position that helps promote continuous movement and unique step patterns.
music-noteThere are over 300 songs (and more continually added) which gives a wide selection and some old familiar favorites that have been revived from past Step Revolution titles.  StepManiaX features a plethora of catchy and energetic music that appeals to Western and European audiences.
flashThere are four modes of single difficulty (Basic, Easy, Hard, Wild) and 3 modes of double difficulty (Dual, Full, Team – which is shared between 2 people) Configurable options allow players to customize speed, note skin, effects, and many other settings.  Veteran players can also keep track of their accomplishments with the StepManiaX mobile app.  In summary, the system is already loaded with content and always receiving updates to provide hours of entertainment for all skill levels.

StepManiaX is a uniquely addictive experience with large appeal due to it’s catchy music selection and easily approachable design that many exergaming solutions struggle to provide.  It successfully reinvents the dance game genre and provides endless fun with a large variety of  uses including:  Home, Health & Fitness, Education, Competitive E-Sports and Family Recreation.

Be on the lookout as StepManiaX begins to make waves by stepping into multiple markets globally in 2017.